We’re Going. Finally.

It seems like we have been working towards this stage for the last 9 years. But that is because we have. Since Steph and I got married in 2010, we began the pursuit of tribal church planting overseas. As time has passed, we have had a picture in our mind of finally boarding a plane with bags on our back and the kid’s hands interlocked with ours, heading to Papua New Guinea. The date is set and that picture is about to become a living part of our story. On July 29, we leave!



We want to keep you informed along the way. You need to understand that you’re just as much a part of this as we are. We want everyone to know that on our end, from our perspective, the team of people praying for us, giving to us, befriending us and ultimately sending us are just as important in the process as anyone else. We want you to know that saying goodbye to so many of you, especially while on the road for the last couple months, was hard but encouraging! We value what you all do for a job. We see the importance of how you all are continually learning to blend the exhausting tasks of family, ministry, fun and work all within the culture that you are in. Having been on the road as we were and rubbing shoulders with many of you, we saw christians taking on the work of juggling countless responsibilities but growing in a greater knowledge of God at the same time. Thank you for your examples to us. We’re grateful to be leaving on that note.


Here are the important points from our end:

  • We leave the country on July 29, 2019!

  • We are currently at 80% of our needed monthly support. (We had to be at 75% to buy tickets…) Monthly supporters is still the greatest need we have before going to Papua New Guinea.

  • We are currently finishing up the last of our paperwork and packing up what we’re taking to the field. While packing, we’re also figuring out what to store, what to have shipped over at a later time and what to get rid of.

  • Our hope is to spend most of the remaining time with family, friends and our home church.

  • Lastly, THANK YOU for praying for us and thank you for working as a team alongside us to reach the unreached.

Boom. Short and sweet.

Love you all. You’ll hear from us again soon.

Jordan, Steph and the boys